Thursday, 9 March 2017

Vinavayya Ramayya

Starring : Naga Anvesh, Kruthika

Released By : Volga Videos

The movie is based in a village called Veerayya Palem. Chanti(Nag Anvesh) is a careless youth who falls in love with his childhood friend Janaki(Kritika). One fine day, he reveals his love for her but to his shock, Janaki rejects him point blank.
This rejection causes a huge heart break for Chanti. Seeing his horrible condition, Chanti’s friends kidnap Janaki from her wedding which is fixed by her father Chowdary(Prakash Raj). What will Chanti do now ? How will he fix this tricky situation ? Will he win his love at the end ? That forms the rest of the story.
Kulfi Telugu Dubbed Movie 


The film narrates the story of Sathish (Jai), who has just begun his career as a medical representative. But his archaic mobile phone is a constant source of embarrassment. When we first see him, he is waiting in a clinic to meet the doctor and the awkward conversations he has with two of his friends on the phone are heard by everyone around him. On the advice of his loudmouth friend, played by RJ Balaji, he tries to get an expensive mobile phone but can only afford a cheapskate "Korean set" as a replacement. With its blaring ringtone, the phone only lands him in even more trouble. His sister-in-law (Kasturi) uses the phone to scare her child into eating, his friends use it to make him the butt of their jokes and he is even threatened by a petty shop owner for using such a phone near his shop.

Wanting to put an end to this humiliation, Sathish steals an iPhone and starts flaunting it. However, his auto-driver brother's (Aruldoss) honesty forces him to introspect his action and the young man decides to return the phone to its actual owner. But that only lands him in trouble with another medical rep, Dhayalan (Ajay Raj), who is tracking the phone's mysterious owner to solve his personal problems.

Starring : Jai, Swati Reddy, Sunny Leone, RJ Balaji, Ajay Raj, Aruldoss, Kasthuri, Venkat Prabhu

Released By Volga Videos